Sunday, March 1, 2009


This blog is the result of a discussion in our Ward Welfare Committee meeting and a desire to share Theresia's experience with shopping and finding great deals on everyday purchases. Throughout our married life Theresia has been able to stretch my teacher's salary to allow us, and our six children, to not only survive, but also live a comfortable lifestyle. We want to share that accumulated wisdom by helping others be 'smart shoppers' and otherwise live a lifestyle of 'provident living.'

Each week, Theresia scours the shopping from the (Portland) Oregonian ads and makes a list of potential purchases from various stores in our area. Those are often recorded on the back of an envelope to take to the stores as we plan our trips for the week. (Not only is the envelope recycled, but it provides a handy place to store coupons.) One of the ways that we stretch our food dollar is to create our meals around what is on sale. We also use the sales and 'deals' to add to our food storage.

Please note that some of the 'deals' require coupons. We will note those and where and when we found the coupons. Also, we do not guarantee nor are responsible for the prices or availability of the sale items. We are sometime surprised that an item is out of stock or was misadvertised. We will attempt to minimize those surprises for you with updates.

Good luck. We hope this blog will be helpful to you in your quest for living a more provident life.

Jeff and Theresia Loftus

P. S. If you find any good deals, let us know and we will try to pass them along.

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