Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Shopping List: March 11-17, 2009

Please remember that this list represents what we are choosing to buy this week. There are other deals in the ads. We don't buy everything "just because it is on sale", we buy what we will eat and/or store. Be sure to check the ads for things that you like to use. If you have questions about "what is a good price for ...", please post a comment or email us. We'll be happy to share our opinion with you and the group.

Fred Meyer (see the post from Sunday, March 8th for the Fred Meyer list. Remember, FM ads end Saturday)

Safeway (remember your Club card) C: coupon required, see FoodDay
Cabbage 38 cents a pound - great for the traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner.
Green Grapes 98 cents a pound - good price for this time of year.
Ritz crackers $1.88 per box (13.66 to 16-oz selected varieties with Club card) limit of 3, Saturday only.
Dorrito Tortilla Chips $1.59 (11.75 to 13-oz. varieties with Club card) Saturday only. See notes *
C Eggs - Lucerne Large Grade AA 18-ct 97 cents - with Club card and coupon and $10 grocery purchase (first one)
C Peanut Butter - Peter Pan 99 cents - 18-oz. with Club card and coupon $10 grocery purchase (first one)
C Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 99 cents - 8 to 10-ct. with Club card and coupon $10 grocery purchase (first one)

C Butter Western Family 98 cents - 1 lb. with $10 purchase and coupon (first one)
Roma tomatoes 79 cents per pound (Friday and Saturday only)
Granny Smith Apples 39 cents a pound (Friday and Saturday only) see notes**
Red or Green Seedless Grapes 88 cents a pound (Friday and Saturday only)
Angus Beef Boneless Chuck Roast $1.99 a pound (This is a good price for eating, freezing, or canning.)
Radishes and Green Onions 2 bunches for $1.00 (2/1.00) Great for salads

Albertsons - remember the Albertsons Preferred card, see notes*** The 10 for $10 is "mix and match"
Taco Bell Taco Shells $1.00 (10 for $10) 12 Taco Shells. We like to have tacos a couple times a month. This is a good price to pick some up and have on hand.

C Hershey's Multi-Pack Candy 99 cents with coupon and Preferred card (limit 2) There are usually 8 small bars in a package. That equals about three candy bars or the equivilant of 3 regular bars for 99 cents. So if you like chocolate . . .
C Tillamook Ice Cream $2.49 1.75 qt. selected varities with coupon and Preferred card (limit 2) We usually like to stay around $2.00 for our ice cream but Tillamook is one of our favorites and Jeff will go up to $3.00 on this, so we'll take this price. Winco sometimes has some very good prices on Tillamook or Umqua so we usually check when we shop there. Jeff like Tillamook Banana Split the best.

*The 'Saturday Only' and 'Friday and Saturday Only' specials actually run through Sunday. However, since we don't shop on Sunday we don't include that as a shopping day.
**These are 'locally grown' apples from Washington state. That means they are last year's crop. There is nothing wrong with that. Apples are put into cold storage and sold through out the year. This time of year, 'fresh apples' would come from New Zealand and would be more expensive. 'Fresh' Washington (and Oregon) apples are available in September.
***Theresia only had the Taco shells on the shopping list. Then Jeff found the ads and added some more things! The 10 for $10 sale can allow you to stock up and/or increase your food storage. Some things are a good deal, some aren't. Check the ads for things you might like or use.

Happy Shopping!

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