Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday's Ads - Coupons, Fred Meyer, Haggen

Coupons from the Sunday Oregonian-
Oranges - Cuties (mandarin type) $1.00 off a 5 lb. box
Oranges - Cuties (mandarin type) 55 cents off a 3 lb. bag
Cereal - General Mills (Cheerios, etc.) Save $1.00 when you buy 3 boxes

Note: Watch for the "Cuties" on sale. This is a 'manufacuter's coupon good at most stores, so shop around for the best price. We will be watching the Tuesday FOODday to see if anyplace has them on sale, then combine the coupon to improve the savings!

Fred Meyer - Prices good Sunday through Saturday
Bandon Medium Cheddar Cheese - 2 lb. loaf $3.99 each with coupon (first 2) see notes*
Fred Meyer Butter - 16 oz. box (four cubes) 3 for $4.00 with coupon (first 6) see notes**
Bath Towels - Buy 1 Get 1 at half price with coupon (no limit) see notes***
Home Departments Coupon - Take an extra 10% off today's price with coupon (no limit) see notes****
Apparel, Shoes & Accessories Coupon - Take an extra 15% off today's price with coupon (no limit) 4 days only, Sunday through Wednesday see notes *****

Haggen - on the back page of one of the ads we found a Haggen coupon valid Sunday - Saturday
Haggen Large Eggs - 1 dozen grade AA 79 cents, first 2 total with coupon (and Haggen card) see notes******

*We always stock up on cheese. Even with a family of five, we go through at least one 2-lb. loaf a week. Plus, you can always freeze it.
**This is a good price, any thing lower than about $1.50 lb. (the Costco price) we pick up. Butter also stores in the freezer. This same coupon also lets you purchase Country Oven or VitaBee Bread. You can mix and match up to a total of six butter and/or breads. The bread price is a little more than we like to pay, but if you need bread for sandwiches, it's a decent price.
***We found some towels we liked for $4.99 (regular price) so this coupon will give us a little savings. (It was, Buy 1, Get 1 Free, a couple of weeks ago)
****This coupon is good for in-store purchases in Home Decor, Housewares, Furniture, Storage, Bedding, Bath, School & Office Supplies, Toys, Tools, Hardware, Home Improvement, Automotive, Sporting Goods and Luggage. This is the kind of coupon that is good for a purchase you were planning on making any way. Now you get some extra savings. Some exclusions apply. See coupon for details.
*****Note the 4-day time span of the coupon. If there is some item of apparel, pair of shoes, or accessories for Men, Women, or Children that you were planning on purchasing, this is a good way to save some extra money.
******This is a good price for eggs. We usually like to have a couple of 18-count cartons on hand. You can usually find some good deals on eggs as we get closer to Easter.

Happy Shopping!

Jeff & Theresia

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