Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Week's Shopping List: April 8-14, 2009

Target - (prices good through Saturday, April 11th)
Candy: Hershey's. Eggs and Kisses. $1.99 per package. see notes*

Fred Meyer - (prices good through Saturday, April 11th)
Candy: Nestle. Nestle Crunch Eggs. 2 12-oz. bags for $4.00
C Eggs: 18-count. 2 for $3.00 (limit 4 cartons.)
Candy?: Altoids. 88 cents a tin.
Candy: Milky Way or 3 Musketeers. 2 bags for $5.00
Bed Sheets: Twin size. $4.99 ea. see notes****

Safeway - (remember your 'Club Card')
Sugar: C & H. 5 pound bag $1.89. Limit 2.
Brownie Mix: Duncan Hines: $1.00 per box. See notes**
Ham: Spiral Cut. $1.59 per pound. Great for Easter dinner or to keep in the freezer.
Strawberries: 4-lb tub. $4.88. See notes***
Peppers: Red Bell. $1.00 each. Adds great color and flavor to soups, salads, and even egg dishes.
Apples: Braeburn, Granny Smith, Fuji. 3-pound bag $1.99.
Also: Safeway had a 'Double Manufacturer' Coupons! coupon in Tuesday's Safeway ad.

Albertsons - (remember your Preferred Savings Card)
Ham: Cook's Shank Portion (bone-in.) 88 cents per pound
Beef: Boneless Round Rump Roast. $1.88 per pound.
Laundry Detergent: ALL Small & Mighty 3X. $3.99

Thriftway - (they don't have a card!) (Note that a couple of the items are Wed-Sat only)
C Ham: Cook's Spiral Sliced Hams. 98 cents per pound (first one with $25 purchase and coupon) see notes*****
C Whipped Topping: Kraft Cool Whip. 99 cents 8-oz. assorted varieties. (limit 2 with coupon)
C Sour Cream: Tillamook. 99 cents. 16-oz. assorted varieties. (limit 2 with coupon)
Apples: Cameo. 68 cents per pound.
C Ice Cream: Dreyer's. $2.38. 48-oz. assorted varieties. (limit 1 with coupon- Good through Saturday only)
C Eggs: Large. One dozen eggs. 68 cents. (limit 1 with coupon- Good through Saturday only)
Also: Thriftway had a 'Double Manufacturer' Coupons! coupon in Tuesday's Thriftway ad.

*There were some manufacturers coupons in Sunday's Oregonian to Save $1.50 when you buy any 3 bags of Hershey's, Reese's, or Cadbury Candy 8-oz. or larger. (Coupon expires 4/12/2009)
**We like to keep lots of boxes of brownie mix on hand. They are great for a quick FHE refreshment or whenever somebody remembers (the morning or night before) that they have to bring a treat somewhere.
***We've found that it is kind of hit-and-miss with strawberries this time of year (usually from California or Mexico) we had some good ones in Utah over spring break. Nothing beats locally grown and handpicked berries in June. But this can be a good Easter-season treat, especially with angel food cake and whipped cream.
****There was a 'an additional 10% off' coupon for housewares, etc. in Sunday's Fred Meyer ad. Other sizes are also on sale. We are taking advantage of this price (and coupon) for our daughter who will need sheets for college next fall.
*****You must spend $25 on your bill BEFORE the cost of the ham. See coupon for details.

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