Monday, April 6, 2009

Last Week's Shopping List - One Day Left - Tuesday

We didn't go shopping last week because of the Bishop's Challenge. But we still have one day left on last week's ads (remember that most FOODday ads run from Wednesday to Tuesday.) So if you read this in time (Tuesday, April 7th) you still have the day to take advantage of these specials that Theresia found.

Safeway - Remember the Club Card and Coupons
C Butter: Lucerne. 99 cents with card and coupon. 16-oz regular or unsalted. Limit one per coupon.
Chicken: Frozen Boneless Chicken Breast. $1.69 lb.
Pork: Boneless Pork Loin. $1.69 lb.
Ground Beef: 80% lean. $1.69 lb.
Sugar: C & H. $1.89 for the 5 lb. bag. Limit 2. See notes***
Cooking Oil: Wesson. $2.49 for 48-oz. bottle. Should be a staple of your storage.
C Cereal: Quaker Life or Post Fruity Pebbles. 99 cents with card and coupon. Limit one coupon.
C Bottled Water: Safeway Refreshe. $2.88 with card and coupon. 24-pack 16.9-oz. Limit one coupon. See notes*
C Potatoes: Russet. $1.29 for a 10-lb bag with card and coupon and minimum $10 purchase. Limit 1 bag.
C Bread: Safeway Butter Top Breads 22-oz. 99 cents with card and coupon and minimum $10 purchase. Limit 1.
Eggs: 18 count. $1.99. Limit 1.
Tooth Paste: Crest. $1.99 for the 8-oz tube. Limit 1.
C Facial Tissue: Kleenex. $1.00 with card and coupon. 75 to 200-ct. Limit 2 per transaction. See notes**
Other Specials: Double Manufacturers' Coupons. Double up to four coupons (maximum 50 cents each.) This coupon was in last week's FOODday.
Also, a coupon for $10 off your next grocery purchase of $50 or more with your card and coupon.

Apples: Cameo. 68 cents a pound.
Ice Cream: Umpqua. $1.99 with coupon and $10 minimum purchase. Limit 1. (one of our favorite brands.)
Tomatoes. 88 cents a pound.

Haggen: Remember your card
Apples: Cameo or Fuji. 69 cents a pound.
Milk: $1.49 per gallon. Limit two.
Eggs: Medium. 59 cents. Limit two.

Albertsons: Remember your card
Soup: Ramen Noodles. 15 cents a package.
Tomato Sauce: 3 for $1.00. This is another food storage staple.
Bottled Water: Arrowhead. $3.88 for a 24-pack.
Grapes: Red or Green. 99 cents a pound. We bought some green grapes today. They were very good.
Ice Cream: Umpqua. $2.99. Theresia didn't buy any today! I'll have to head over there tomorrow (Tuesday!)
Cereal: Kellogg's. $1.99 selected varieties (including Cocoa Krispies.) Some varieties are $1.97 and some are more. The deal here is that if you buy seven (7) boxes you get coupons for three free gallons of milk (the coupons have different redemption dates, but free milk is good anytime!)

*This coupon was found in the Safeway ads from the Sunday (April 5th) Oregonian. Remember that there is now a deposit on bottled water bottles in Oregon.
**This is a good opportunity to use a manufaturer's coupon. In our last post we listed some of the manufacturer's coupons from the most recent Sunday Oregonian. Among those was one for Kleenex Facial Tissue. That coupon gives you 50 cents off the purchase of any three (3) packages of Kleenex Facial Tissue. In this case, you could buy three packages at Safeway. You would buy the limit of two for $1.00 each and a third at the regular price of $1.99. Then, with the manufacturer's coupon you would get an additional 50 cents off. Plus, another 50 cents off with the Double Coupon from the FOODday .Since this Kleenex product is regularly $1.99 at Safeway, you would spend just $2.99 (1+1+1.99-.5-.5) instead of $5.97. A savings of $2.98!
***Always buy sugar when it is on sale. Then store it in 5-gallon buckets with airtight lids.

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