Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Week's Shopping List: May 13 - 19, 2009

There has been a lot of emphasis lately about building a 3-month storage of foods you regularly eat. We try to stock up on sale items and then rotate them. Some good buys this week include:
Spaghetti Sauce - Fred Meyer
M & Ms - Fred Meyer
Tuna Fish - Haggen
Mayonnaise - Albertsons

Fred Meyer (good through Saturday)
Gardening: plants 48 for $9.99
Cheese: Tillamook $3.99 for the 2 lb. loaf assorted varieties (Cheddar, Monterrey jack, Colby)
Spaghetti Sauce: Hunt's 69 cents each. (limit 10) great for the 3-month storage
Candy: M&Ms 2 bags for $4.00 Good comfort food for the 3-month storage - although they don't always last that long at our house!
Pineapple: Gold $1.98 each
Bedding: Twin Sheets $2.99

Safeway (these two items good Friday & Saturday only with Club Card)
Chips: Dorritos $1.77 a bag
Bread: White or Wheat $1.00 a loaf

Haggen (don't forget you Haggen's card)
Cereal: Post 50% off
Tomatoes: Vine 88 cents a pound
Tuna: canned 49 cents each 5 oz. can (limit 6) great for the 3-month storage
Milk: Valu Time $1.49 gallon (limit one with coupon and C.A.R.D.)
Butter: Haggen $1.49 ea. 1 lb. (limit one with coupon and C.A.R.D.)
Eggs: Haggen Medium 59 cents dozen (limit one with coupon and C.A.R.D.)

Bread: Franz 99 cents a loaf (limit two with a minimum $10.00 purchase)
Eggs: Large dozen 29 cents (limit one with a minimum $10.00 purchase)
Broccoli or Cauliflower 68 cents a pound
Beef: Lean Ground $1.88 pound (we divide it into one-pound portions and freeze for a quick addition to dinner meals)
Corn-on-the-Cob 3 for $1.00 (limit 6; SATURDAY ONLY)
Twin Pops ('Popsicles'): Western Family 99 cents a bag (great for inexpensive kid treats)

Albertsons (don't forget your Albertson's card)
Mayonnaise: Best Foods $1.88 30 oz. selected varieties (limit 2) great for 3-month storage
Cream Cheese: Philadelphia and other varieties 88 cents (limit 3; see coupon for other varieties)
Cereal: Albertsons 88 cents selected varieties (limit 2)
Bath Tissue: Cottonelle $4.88 12 double rolls selected varieties (limit 2) You can never have enough!
Cereal: Kellogg's $1.50 ea. if you buy four - Raisin Bran, Frosted Mini-wheats, Rice Crispies, Pop Tart (12 count package)

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